Chicago Sessions Ltd, PO Box 748, LaGrange, IL 60525

email: nick (at) chicagosessions (dot) com

About Chicago Sessions

Chicago Sessions is a record label which endeavors to:

• Encourage original compositions by the best Chicago artists, from the established to the undiscovered

• Introduce the best Chicago music to a larger audience, both locally and worldwide

• Provide the listener with unique, high quality recordings which would otherwise not be available, and to foster their connection with the Chicago music scene

• Promote the idea that music has value, and that artists who dedicate their lives, time, energy, hearts, minds and focus to music should be able to make a living providing the world with the beauty of their art

• Take a positive stance against music piracy of all kinds

• Offer artists a good recording opportunity, and a fair and straightforward contract in which they benefit directly from the success of their recordings

• Use, whenever possible, environmentally friendly materials in the creation of our CDs

• Make a lasting contribution to the collective of great music and quality recording, for the benefit of the listeners, the artists, and for posterity

Please Do Not Support Music Piracy

Music is increasingly being recorded and distributed by small record labels and by the artists themselves. Now more than ever, piracy directly affects the ability of artists to record and distribute their music, and for labels to pay the artists for their work, and to produce and promote their recordings. Please do not copy, "upload", or "file share" the music on Chicago Sessions CDs, or our downloads from iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, and other legal download services. Please encourage your family and friends to support artists and their music. Chicago Sessions and its artists thank you for your support!



Nick Eipers - President, Producer & Recording Engineer

Chicago Sessions was conceived and founded by Nick Eipers. Nick is a freelance recording engineer and producer based in the Chicago area. Since 1992, he has worked with many great artists in a wide range of musical styles. His engineering and production credits include Bryan Carter, Vital Organ Trio, Marc Scibilia, Mighty Joe, Golden Mean, Gabe Rosen and the Good Enough Band, Don Skoog, Chris Greene Quartet, Gallery 37 Latin Big Band, The Chautauqua Ensemble, Michael Henson, Andrew Pelletier, Heartlands, The Houndz, Chicago College of Performing Arts Symphony Orchestra, and Symphony of Oak Park & River Forest.

Nick has worked at Chicago Recording Company, Studiomedia Recording Company, Hinge Studios, Strobe Recording, Rax Trax Recording, IV Lab Studios, Tranquility One Studios, Gallery of Carpet Recording, Star Trax Recording, Gravity Studios, Studiochicago, Chicago Trax, and Shantyville Recording Studio. He was the Producer/Engineer for "This is Chicago Jazz", a radio show and podcast with host Mike Jeffers of Chicago Jazz Magazine, on WNTD from 2009-2010. Since 2000, he has been an Adjunct Faculty member at Columbia College Chicago, in the Department of Audio Arts & Acoustics, teaching a class in Audio Design & Production. Nick has been a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammy Awards) since 1993.

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