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Tony do Rosario's New Chicago Jazz Quartet

Tony do Rosario's
New Chicago Jazz Quartet
New Beginnings

1. New Beginnings
2. On This Day
3. First Hint Of Autumn
4. April 27th
5. Don't Get Fresh With Me
6. 1227302
7. K
8. Now
9. Can't Tell

Tony do Rosario – electric & acoustic guitar; Geof Bradfield – tenor saxophone; Nathan Kawaller – acoustic bass; Greg Wyser-Pratte – drums.
Recorded 12/2 and 12/3/2008.
Produced and engineered by Nick Eipers.


“…guitarist Tony do Rosario and his band display the spark that indeed often accompanies new beginnings. With an expansive tone that brings to mind the bleeding of a drop of watercolor into paper, do Rosario runs off quick, single-noted lines that have equal parts warmth and punch… the rhythm section supplying soft, yet solid backing to the spirited solos from do Rosario and saxophonist Geof Bradfield, creating a sense of pulling, a fever to get out and get going.”
- Matt Marshall, Jazz Improv NY Magazine

“Guitarist delivers tastefully swinging originals on his second release as leader. The buoyant bossa ‘On This Day’ pairs his warm, deliberate lines in unison with the butterscotch tones of tenor saxophonist Geof Bradfield. do Rosario’s aggressive, staccato attack on his solos (‘April 27th’, ‘Don’t Get Fresh With Me’) comes directly out of Pat Martino while his sense of restraint and harmonic daring (‘First Hint of Autumn’ and the mellow ‘1227302’) suggest the influence of Jim Hall.”
- Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times Magazine

“Brazilian/American guitarist Tony do Rosario delivers an energetic and engaging performance with his sophomore album New Beginnings… The four musicians come together to produce an album of original modern jazz that is mentally engaging and possesses broad appeal… Far from being simply a vehicle to show off do Rosario's improvisational technique, the disc comes together because of the total effort from the band as a whole. The ability of the musicians to solo and bring their own voice to each tune only acts to contrast the moments when the group dynamic is so tight that it feels as if they are a single instrument… New Beginnings is a strong sophomore album for do Rosario and his new quartet. With a seamlessly never-ending supply of creativity at his fingertips, do Rosario should be a leading voice on the Chicago jazz scene for some time to come.”
- Matthew Warnock,

“…he hits you hard with his phenomenal solos, which, alone, make owning this CD worthwhile. Then, just as quickly, he falls back into being just another member of the band… This semi-backseat approach begs us to be drawn in further to appreciate the value of the compositions, which we discover to be essentially pleasing for the casual listener, while also offering depth and complexity. In that sense, this is valuable art that contains ever-increasing layers to be unpeeled as you replay the music… The recording particularly proves to be a showcase for the extraordinary talents and thoughtful paths that Geof Bradfield brings forth with his tenor sax…Tony do Rosario has assembled a band that has given us something new worth hearing.”
- Tim Gault, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“The title track opens things moodily with Wyser-Pratte and the up-and-coming young Kawaller simmering underneath as Bradfield and do Rosario play tastefully modulated solos. "On This Day" follows and is one of the most engaging compositions on the session. do Rosario takes a thoughtful approach to his solo, as does the well-regarded and as of late, ubiquitous Bradfield. The interplay throughout the recording between the two, with support from their rhythm section is perhaps the highlight of the recording. And Wyser-Pratte shows his stuff with some excellent and energetic work on the outro… This is an engaging effort and one that bodes well as a new beginning for this talented guitarist…”
- Brad Walseth,

“This exploratory music is quite lovely, and the quartet works together as a cohesive improvising group… Several of the originals – among them “On This Day” – have catchy melodies that stick. And he can write in many moods: the sauntering “On This Day”, the ruminative “April 27”, the peaceful “K”, and more. I was impressed with Bradfield’s airy tenor, do Rosario’s luminous sound, and the thoughtful, melodic support from Kawaller and Wyser-Pratte. The quartet’s Jazz is full of ideas but it won’t scare the neighbors.”
- Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine

“... a set of originals that keeps the embers at light to moderate red. The melodies are clever, somewhat subdued, and are used as jump-off points for some reflective sax work and guitar interplay.”
- George W. Harris,

“This recording features cool interplay between guitar and saxophone, captivating guitar solos, and really wonderful material. Tony do Rosario has a fresh and exciting approach to the guitar and with this CD, Tony once again has a real winner. ‘New Beginnings’ is well worth the price of admission.”
- Doc Dosco,

“The sheen draws you in; the depth keeps you from leaving. do Rosario does this with his guitar, offering a plummy tone and gracious attack as initial enticements; only then does he reveal the sturdy, enveloping improvisations that continue to expand with repeated listenings. He also does this with his compositions, almost all of which sound attractively familiar, and then turn out to be richer and more rewarding than the initial impression… what is beyond dispute is that Bradfield and do Rosario have formed a mutually conducive partnership. You hear it in the way that Bradfield immerses himself in do Rosario’s compositions, but also in the way that their individual styles as improvisers – Bradfield, the busy but cogent deconstructionist; do Rosario, the simpler yet equally analytical melodist – complement each other. You hear it especially in the moments of simultaneous soloing that dot this album… such moments sparkle.”
- Neil Tesser (from the album notes)


Jazz guitar’s elder statesman John Pisano described Tony do Rosario as “one of the most promising young jazz guitarists on the L.A. jazz scene today." The L.A. Times Jazz Review said of Tony "...he is a hard-core traditionalist, solidly tapped into his roots in the styles of guitarists such as Jim Hall and Joe Pass." Similar impressions were no doubt left with those who’ve heard him at L.A.’s top jazz clubs, including the Baked Potato and Catalina's, as well as New York's world-famous Birdland, Chris’s Jazz Café in Philadelphia, and Fascing in Stockholm, Sweden. Along the way, Tony has shared the stage with the likes of Pisano, Ron Echete, Jimmy Bruno, Paul Bollenback, Mundell Lowe, Jack Wilkins and Howard Alden. It’s no surprise that Brad Walseth of ranks Tony “among the very best jazz guitarists of the current generation."

Born to a musical Brazilian family in Atlantic City, NJ, where he took up the guitar at the tender age of twelve, Tony has since left both coasts for Chicago, were he now resides, performs, and teaches. He can be heard at venues such as Pops for Champagne, Katerina’s, Cuatro and other clubs around the Chicago area, but still ventures occasionally to his east-coast roots to play Chris’ Jazz club in Philadelphia and Smalls in New York City.

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