Marshall Vente Trio: Marshall Arts

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Marshall Vente Trio

Marshall Vente Trio
Marshall Arts

1. A Bill Evans Tune For RA
2. Song For The Peshmerga
3. Black Circle
4. Bossa '68
5. Brasilian Folk Song
6. Samba Into The New Age
7. Ted's
8. Endless Intensity
9. Centering
10. Pathos 2.75

Marshall Vente – piano, electric piano, cuica, Tibetan cymbals, gong; Scott Mason – acoustic bass; Isidro “Isi” Perez – drums; Jim Batson – acoustic & electric bass; Luiz Ewerling – drums; Glenn Reitsma – acoustic & electric guitars; Joe Sonnefeldt – steel pan, congas, udu, shaker; Chip Gdalman – alto flute.
Recorded 8/24, 8/31 and 9/7/2008.
Produced and engineered by Nick Eipers.


“’Marshall Arts’ is an entertaining and engaging album… Ever the musical chameleon, Vente’s playing and compositions flow smoothly between each genre resulting in a recording that is both creatively dexterous and musically cohesive at the same time... filled with memorable melodies, highly creative improvisations and energetic ensemble interaction.”
- Matthew Warnock,

“It's an album of musical heft, taking us through tunes in a variety of styles representing Vente's compositional interests and output... Starting out with the lovely waltz, "A Bill Evans Tune for RA," one is immediately taken by his clean shimmering sound; something that always seems ideal. Solos grasp you, going beyond simplistic concepts to discover something more intriguing... "Pathos 2.75" provides some of his nicest work. Rich and substantive ideas flow forth in this contemplative piece.”
- Tim Gault, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“Clearly one of the elite trio albums around, 'Marshall Arts' blends a sophisticated version of straight jazz with tender bossa rhythms in one nice musical package... Marshall Vente's talents as a composer, arranger and musician are all displayed on this recording and let's not forget the excellent musicianship of his combos - all together making this album a must for the discerning jazz audience. ”
- Edward Blanco,

“Vente’s compositional prowess is evident in a full set of well-wrought originals. The pared-down instrumentation gives Vente license to stretch his piano chops. Latin numbers like “Brasilian Folk Song”, and “Ted’s”, with its grooving interplay of steel pan, guitar and piano, are the standouts.”
- Dimitry Ekshtut, Jazz Improv NY Magazine

“…an accomplished pianist following in the line of Bill Evans. He loves long, springing rhapsodic lines, and he opens ‘Marshall Arts’ with tracks in that manner. It’s highly appealing music…”
- David Dupont, Cadence Magazine

“... has a touch and sound that has the joy and vibrancy of Vince Guaraldi... Vente keeps the music varied, with Caribbean grooves... This one's a real joy to keep listening to.”
- George W. Harris,

“Marshall Vente displays smoothness and control throughout ‘Marshall Arts’ that refelect his accessibility as an entertainer… [Vente’s compositions] mirror influences of vintage bossa nova and Bill Evans to varying degrees, with sophisticated changes supporting tunes that emanate an elegant air… they testify to admirable craftsmanship.”
- Robert Doerschuk, Downbeat Magazine

“How refreshing to find a piano trio record devoid of standards, quotations or clichés. Vente's shimmering piano tone is the golden thread that holds this set together. One can actually see the sunlight dancing on the water and the sails swelling with summer breeze on the gentle original "Samba Into The New Age.” "Black Circle" is a dense layer cake of textures, improvisations and rhythms that would make Herbie Hancock grin. As with Herbie, I haven't quite figured out how he did it!”
- Peter Coppock

“Looking back over the last 30 years, you won’t find a busier Chicago musician than Marshall Vente. You’ll hardly find one as versatile, either... The opening track – an homage to piano giant Bill Evans but dedicated to Vente’s wife Ruth Anne (“RA”) is one of his finest compositions, a lovely, graceful waltz that ought to inspire lyrics and cover versions.”
- Neil Tesser (from the album notes)


Pianist Marshall Vente has been successfully traveling on the long journey of jazz: touring Europe as a teenager; a National Endowment for Arts jazz apprentice with Gil Evans and David Matthews; collaborations with Eldee Young, Billy Harper, Neville York; impresario of his annual jazz festival and cruise; radio host of Jazz Tropicale heard every Sunday on 90.9fm WDCB, streamed via; and, constantly leading and playing gigs, every week and nearly every day! All of Marshall’s musical projects, Project 9, Tropicale, Chicago Blues Review and the Marshall Vente Band, have included his piano, long-standing trios and original compositions, now documented and heard on Marshall Arts.

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